The Story

The Roving Nomad, established in 2014 by Heather Moore, is a fiber arts design studio featuring original crochet patterns and finished pieces available for purchase online and in person at festivals and pop-up shops.



Each design is handmade by Heather in The Roving Nomad studio. Her approachable designs, along with visual tutorials, make it easy for beginners as well as experienced crocheters to approach her patterns with ease. All of Heather’s designs are inspired by the world around us and the life we live. Creating for practical necessity and original beauty are most important in her designs.

Kenai Cowl 4.JPG


My History

I learned to crochet from my grandmother while visiting her on vacation in Florida. She had a co-worker who sold mill end fabric strip spools out of her home and she brought me to her friends house to shop. I toured her home to see all of the things you could make with these fabric strips. There were rugs and baskets, but there were so many different designs it looked like anything was possible. I picked out a few spools of my favorite prints, a jumbo blue plastic crochet hook, and a handmade dispenser to hold the spools. My grandmother taught me the basic chain, single crochet and how to increase to make a flat circle.



I made a few baskets before I left Florida and took my new craft home with me. I was hooked -pun intended. I made baskets for every ocassion. Everyone received little handled baskets as gifts and I filled them with anything from candy, Easter eggs and potpourri (hey, it was the 90’s). I received new fabric spools from my grandmother to replace the ones I had used and continued creating. Eventually I tried something new by using the basic basket design I tried to design a hat. This “hat” was so heavy and thick that it never actually worked as a hat, but looking back I can see it was the beginning of creating something on my own. I was learning to manipulate the stitches to make the shapes I wanted to create, but eventually I ran out of fabric… 


It was different

Up to this point I had no idea you could use yarn to crochet and I also didn’t know exactly what “crochet” meant. Reflecting on my life I've always gone back to crochet when I wanted to make something of importance or when I’ve had extra time -usually on vacation. During the summer of 2013 I went on a long road trip. The day before I left I stopped by my local craft store and purchased some hooks and yarn for the drive, just like always. I even splurged and bought the fanciest hook I’ve ever purchased because I was so excited to dive into crochet on another level. I wanted to learn how to make things I would want for myself and my kids.  I’m a visual learner so I found a video pattern that evening and got started on a simple headband. I had trouble falling asleep that night because I didn’t want to stop crocheting -just one more row! It was different this time.

Roving Room.jpg

Fiber Arts

 While out of town I used up all of my yarn and decided to stop by a few specialty yarn shops to restock. Those shops were so much more than my local craft box store and it really opened up my eyes to another dimension of the world of fiber arts. I could see it’s potential in a new way and I was ready to dive in head first. Ever since that trip I have not stopped creating with fiber and my love for occasionally crocheting has grown into an obsession. My passion -and my yarn stash- has grown beyond anything I could have imagined and I find inspiration everywhere I go.

The Detail

Being unique is something that I pride myself in. By creating items that are handmade there is a lot of control in the process of making. Because of this, I tend to create items that are one-of-a-kind and unique by nature. I find myself sitting down with my yarn and a hook and it just happens. This process has lead me to designing my own patterns that can be recreated in your own style. Creating is such an important process for all of us so why not create something that is fun to make!

My goal is to incorporate a timeless mindset within all of my products and patterns because crocheting is for everyone everywhere. Crochet universal and understood by every culture around the world, and best of all, it's made by working with your hands. Join me on my journey through time and tradition as we travel the world together as a Roving Nomad.


A soft strand of fiber that has been twisted, attenuated, and freed offoreign matter preparatory to its conversion into yarn..

Roving [roh-ving]

A member of a people who have no fixed residence but move from place to place usually seasonally and within a well-defined territory.

Nomad [noh-mad]


Makings of a Logo.png

The Roving Nomad is an oxymoron, but it has different meanings to me. 

Roving is a beginning. It’s not quite ready to be used. It’s raw and unprocessed and real. It’s not perfect, but it’s beautiful. The fibers are all in different directions waiting to be used, to be locked into a twist, ready to be made into something. It’s a symbol for readiness, opportunity and openness. A willing to be made into something else. A vulnerability we all have to have in life.

A nomad is a wanderer, an unsettled drifter, with no particular place to call home. A traveler, sightseer and adventurer. It’s a reminder to live in the moment. To be more focused on the journey than the destination. To take each day as it comes and follow your inner compass.


The Maker

Hello, my name is Heather Moore and I started The Roving Nomad in 2014 because I believe in the importance and the heritage of fiber arts.

I have always enjoyed teaching and I have a love or learning. With a background in beauty, fashion, and art education I want to bring the knowledge of fiber arts into the hands of everyone in an approachable way. 





Craft Yarn Council

Certified crochet Instructor