Velvet Kitten Hood

Velvet Kitten Hood - Crochet Pattern -


Size I 5.5mm hook - or size needed to obtain gauge

Large eye tapestry needle

Bernat Velvet Yarn - Cabernet - 1 skein


Hood is worked in a rectangle and crocheted together along the back seam

Ch at beginning of each row does not count as a st

Sew the bottom and a partial side of ear to make them stand up

Bobble Stitch: *yo, insert hk into designated st, pull. up a lp, yo and pull through 2 lps* repeat 4x, yo and pull through all 5 ops on hook

Hood: 12" x 14" while folded flat
Scarf: 58" x 2"

4" = 9 hdc
4" = 9 rows

Figure A

Figure A


Row 1: dc in the 4th ch from hk and across, ch3, turn (60dc)

Row 2: *FPdc around next dc, BPdc* repeat 30x ending with your last bpdc in the top of turning ch, ch3, turn 

Row 3: *BPdc around next dc, FPdc* repeat 30x ending with your last FPdc in the top of turning ch, ch3, turn

Row 4: rep row 2

Row 5: *BPdc around next dc, FPdc* repeat 30x ending with your last FPdc in the top of turning ch, ch2, turn

Row 6: hdc61 across ending with the last hdc in the top of the ch3 from previous row, ch2, turn -Fig. A

Figure B

Figure B

Row 7-22: hdc61, ch2, turn

-Fold hood in half so that the last st of row 22 and the first st line up. Sc into both st and across (30sc) -Fig. B

-Finish off and weave in ends

Figure C

Figure C

EARS (make 2)
-Use two strands of yarn held together for the ears.

-Pull out approx 5 yds of yarn before starting your ear. This excess yarn will be used to crochet around your ear when finished. -Fig. C


Row 1: sc1 in 2nd ch from hk and across, ch1, turn 

Row 2: sc8, ch1, turn

Row 3: sk 1st, sc5, sc2tog, ch1, turn

Row 4: sc6, ch1, turn

Row 5: sk 1st st, sc3, sc2tog, ch1 turn 

Row 6: sc4, ch1, turn

Row 7: sk 1st st, sc1, sc2tog, ch1, turn

Row 8: sc2tg

Fasten off, use tail from beginning of ear to sc around edges of ear. 

Approx. Pattern for crocheting around ears. 
Using beginning tail, sc3 in corner of ear, sc5 along base of ear 6, sc8 into sides of ear, sc3 in top of ear, sc8 along side

-Fasten off, do not sew in ends.

Figure D

Figure D


Row 1: sc2 into base corner of hood -Fig. D, sc2tog 30x across base of hood stopping before the last st, sc2 into last st, ch42

Row 2: hdc1 into 3rd ch from hk, hdc39, hdc2tog 17x, hdc40, ch2, turn

Row 3: *hdc2, bob1, hdc2* repeat 8x, hdc1 in next st, *hdc2 in next st, bob1, hdc2 in next st* rep 5x, hdc1, *hdc2, bob1, hdc2* rep 8x, ch2, turn

Row 4: ch2, turn, hdc107

-Fasten off, weave in ends

Figure E

Figure E

Figure F

Figure F

-Line up ears along side of hood -Fig. E

-Sew base of ears to hood and up along side edge of each ear to make them stand up as shown in Fig. F