Festival Tannenbaum

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I am a big fan of Christmas decorations. For me, it doesn’t feel like Christmas time until the decorations are up. Homemade decorations are special and most of my favorites have been made by myself or family members.

Back in July I came across a styrofoam cone on clearance and decided to buy it so that I could make my first crocheted Christmas tree.


After running some errands in a nearby city I drove past a yarn shop and decided to stop in. They had a lot of Darn Good Yarn options. When I saw the color way “India Festival” I decided to finally make that Christmas tree that’s been in the back of my mind.


The texture from this yarn is a bit thick/thin so I opted for a larger hook and kept my stitches very loose.

Festival Tannenbaum Crochet Pattern - The Roving Nomad Blog.png


Size N (9mm) Crochet Hook

Large eye tapestry needle (16)

Darn Good Yarn - India Festival

12” Styrofoam Cone



ch - chain

sl st - slip stitch

hk - hook

sc - single crochet

sc2tog - single crochet 2 together


Before beginning, wind your yarn hank into a ball or use a yarn winder to make a yarn cake. If you are using an alternative yarn, please scroll down for further directions.



Sl St into 1st chain

Rd 1-2: ch1, sc20, sl st to join (20 sc)

Rd 3: ch1, sc2tog, sc18, sl st to join (19 sc)

Rd 4: ch1, sc2tog, sc17, sl st to join (18 sc)

Rd 5: ch1, sc2tog, sc16, sl st to join (17 sc)

Rd 6: ch1, sc2tog, sc15, sl st to join (16 sc)

Rd 7: ch1, sc2tog, sc14, sl st to join (15 sc)

Rd 8: ch1, sc2tog, sc13, sl st to join (14 sc)

Rd 9: ch1, sc2tog, sc12, sl st to join (13 sc)

Rd 10: ch1, sc2tog, sc11, sl st to join (12 sc)

Rd 11: ch1, sc2tog, sc11, Sl St to join (11 sc)

Rd 12: ch1, sc2tog, sc9, sl st to join (10 sc)

Rd 13: ch1, sc2tog, sc8, sl st to join (9 sc)

Rd 14: ch1, sc2tog, sc7, sl st to join (8 sc)

-Fasten off; weave in ends