Easy Knit-Look Cowl

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No fear crocheters, the Knit-Look Cowl only looks like it’s been knitted. This beginner friendly pattern uses a simple slip stitch create beautiful texture.

I made this cowl with 2 different yarns as an example for sizing. The teal color is from my local Joanns store. Wool and the Gang makes a soft yarn aptly named “Cuddle Me Softly” and it is so stinking’ soft!


The other yarn that I used is Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool. Just look at that jumbo texture!

Both of these were made with a size Q crochet hook, but have different sizing due to the weight of the yarn.

Knit-Look Cowl Crochet Pattern - The Roving Nomad Blog.png


Size Q (16mm) Crochet Hook

Large eye tapestry needle (16)

Jumbo weight yarn (Recommended: Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool - Margaux Red)

OR Bulky weight yarn (Recommended: Wool and the Gang Cuddle Me Softly - Jewel Green)


ch - chain

sl st - slip stitch

hk - hook

blo - back loop only

flo - front loop only

rep - repeat



Row 1: sl st in 2nd ch from hk and across, ch1, turn (10 sl st) -Fig. A

Figure A

Figure A

Row 2: sl st 10 in the blo, ch1, turn (10 sl st) -Fig. B

Figure B

Figure B

Row 3: sl st 10 in the flo, ch1, turn (10 sl st) -Fig. C

Figure C

Figure C

Row 4 - 53: rep rows 2-3 -Fig. D

Figure D

Figure D

Row 54: sl st 10 in the blo

Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing -Fig. E

Figure E

Figure E

Lay scarf flat and twist the width one time so it is upside down as shown in fig. F

Sew beg ch and last row together.

Figure F

Figure F