Crochet Abbreviations


2dc inc: 2 double crochet increase
3dc inc: 3 double crochet increase
alt: alternate
approx: approximately
beg: beginning
bet: between
BLO: back loop only
bo: bobble
BPdc: back post double crochet
BPsc: back post single crochet
ch: chain stitch
ch sp: refers to space previously made (eg. ch1sp)
ch-sp: chain space
CL: cluster
cont: continue
dc: double crochet
dc2tog: double crochet 2 stitches together
dec: decrease
FLO: front loop or front loop only
FPdc: front post double crochet
hdc: half double crochet
hdc2tog: half double crochet 2 stitches together
inc: increase
lp: loop
pc: popcorn stitch
prev: previous
ps: puff stitch
rem: remaining
rep: repeat
rnd: round
RS: right side
sc: single crochet
sc2tog: single crochet 2 stitches together
sh: shell
sk: skip
sl st: slip stitch
sp: space
st: stitch
tbl: through back loop
tch: turning chain
tog: together
tr: treble crochet
tr2tog: treble crochet 2 stitches together
v-puff: *yarn over and insert hk into designated st, pull up a lp to height of dc* rep 3x, yo and pull through all 7 lps on hk, ch1, rep from * * 3x
WS: wrong side
yo: yarn over
yoh: yarn over hook